News on the right of inheritance in the new Civil Code

In order to modernize the civil legislation in accordance with the principles of a market economy and international standards, to create a modern civil legal framework for further development of the market economy, the President of Uzbekistan approved...

How is compensated the damage caused by an occupational injury?

According to Article 189 of the Labor Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan, if an employee was injured in during the duty, the employer must pay in full the damage caused to him, unless the victim can prove...

What will change from November 1?

New regulations, increased salaries, canceled benefits: what will change from November 1? 1. Every year in November, "Tourism Month for the Elderly" is held 2. Tax Code benefits shall be revoked

Transparency is an essential method in the fight against corruption.

The need to ensure transparency in public authorities and administration activities in Uzbekistan, the introduction of modern forms of providing information on the rights and freedoms and legitimate interests of individuals and legal entities is identified in the...

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