On august 6, 2018 the Research institute of legal policy under the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan held a press conference at the national press center on the theme “Legal Policy – The Most Important Direction of Government Policy” with the participation of representatives of the Ministry of Justice, courts, law enforcement agencies and other government agencies, non-governmental non-profit organizations, academic institutions, media representatives, teachers and other stakeholders. In particular, it was attended by representatives of the press service of the Chamber of Lawyers and the magazine “Advokat”.
At the presentation of the Research institute of legal policy under the Ministry of Justice established by the presidential decree on the example of world experience,  were explained the objectives of a new research organization, in particular, its role in shaping a unified state legal policy, strengthening legislation, organizing and conducting research on raising legal awareness and the legal culture of the population.
In carrying out his responsibilities the research institute has the authority to request orders and other documents, statistical information, and information about law enforcement practice from the state and economic management, courts, the law enforcement authorities, state khokimiyats, educational, scientific and information-analytical agencies.  Indeed, the behavior of each person based on the law, in accordance with the interests of mankind, most importantly, fair and equal, depends on the success of each reform and radical transformations carried out in our country, on how well the existing laws are compatible with national interests. For this reason, our national legislation requires constant analysis and research, and it should be ensured that it becomes a holistic, solid legal framework. In carrying out this crucial task, which is the main objective of a number of government agencies, the Research Institute of Legal Policy should take its own place. At the press conference, held by the Research Institute, specialists of the Institute also responded to pressing questions of participants and journalists.

Press secretary
of the Chamber of lawyers of Uzbekistan