The Institute for Legal Policy Research under the Ministry of Justice announces an international scientific-practical web conference on “Prospects for improving the civil legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan” on 20 August this year.

The web conference will be attended by national experts, as well as experts from Germany, Russia, Pakistan and Kazakhstan. In particular, Heinrich Schnitger, a former judge of the Bremen District Court of Germany, an international expert, Ammar Yunas, head of Ai Mo Innovation Consultants, Tech Law expert, Daniil Monakhov, head of the Private Law Research Center called S. S. Alekseev under the President of the Russian Federation. Farhad Karagusov, a senior researcher at the Institute of Private Law at Caspian University of Kazakhstan will deliver a speech at the web conference.

Participants of the event, as well as the head of the Department of Civil Law of Tashkent State Law University, Ph.D. Professor N.Imamov, Professor of the Department of Civil Law O.Okyulov, Director of the NGO “Center for the Study of Legal Problems” Professor Sh.Asyanov and a lawyer of the law firm Dentons Tashkent Eldor Mannopov can hear the lectures.

Web conference “Basic rules. Property rights. The first session on “Right of Obligation” – “Suggestions for the general part of the Civil Code”, “Reforms in the real estate system: the experience of Russia and Uzbekistan”, “Regulation of digitalization in the Civil Code of Uzbekistan”, “The role of collateral and guarantees in the Civil Code”, The second session, entitled “Legal Entities”, will discuss issues such as “Development of general provisions of the Civil Code on legal entities and corporate relations”, “Doctrine of national law on commercial organizations”, “Reforms in corporate legislation of Uzbekistan”, “Legal entities in the Civil Code: Recommendations for Uzbekistan”.