According to the Regulation “On the maximum conditions for the issuance of Ipoteka loans to the population”, approved by the Board of the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated June 30, 2020 No3269, Ipoteka loans are issued by commercial banks on the terms of payment, repayment, security and maturity::

individual housing construction, reconstruction and repair in accordance with the established norms and rules of construction;

purchase or exchange of a detached house or an apartment in a multi-apartment house from a newly built or secondary market;

refinancing mortgage loans issued by other banks on favorable terms for customers.

Ipoteka loans:

the house under construction together with the land plot on which it is located;

an individual house or an apartment in an apartment house, which is purchased at the expense of a mortgage loan and transferred to the property of the borrower in the prescribed manner;

the mortgage of an individual house owned by the borrower and reconstructed at the expense of a mortgage loan.

Real estate that has been withdrawn from circulation and cannot be alienated cannot be the subject of a Ipoteka.

The term, volume, interest rate and other conditions of the mortgage loan are determined by agreement between the bank and its client in accordance with the internal credit policy of the bank.